Dry Cleaning

We use state of the art dry cleaning equipment that is gentle to your garments while removing the stains and body oils that remain in your garments once they are worn. All garments will then be expertly finished and ready to wear.

Wet Cleaning

We follow the care label that is attached to each garment. If it suggests that the garment be cleaned in a wet process, we will do that, and follow the drying instructions as well. All garments will then be expertly finished and ready to wear.

Shirt Laundry

We use a shirt laundry soap that is aggressive on stains, but gentle to the shirt fabric. It is specially formulated to remove the stubborn stains that find their way onto shirts, as well as the collar oils that occur when your neck comes in contact with your shirt.


We have an experienced crew of seamstresses that can meet all your demands to expertly fit your garment to you the way it needs to fit. We offer a fitting service at our Henderson store for your convenience.

Please call for availability 270-826-6834

Leather Garment Cleaning

We offer expert leather garment cleaning services for your valuable leather items. Please allow up to two weeks for processing.

Wedding Gown Preservation

We offer an elegant wedding gown preservation service that seals your gown in a box that contains a viewing window. This box is easily opened for your viewing pleasure.

Garment Restoration / Odor Removal

We are associated with Nu-Look Restoration, and can clean and restore any garment or household item that has suffered smoke, water or odor damage.